Junior Kindergarten

Wessington Springs is offering Junior Kindergarten (JK) beginning the 2019-2020 school year. The purpose of the Junior Kindergarten will be to provide learners the opportunity and time to better master the foundational skills needed in today's standards.  The benefits will give our learners the confidence, maturity, and knowledge they need to succeed in their school career.

Who qualifies?

  • Children who are age 5 by Sept. 1

  • Students who have been referred through the district Kindergarten Assessment and or the Preschool Team.


  • Junior Kindergarten is all day.
  • The Junior Kindergarten students will be in a blended classroom with Kindergarten students.
  • Specials will be the same as Kindergarten.
  • Students will transfer from Junior Kindergarten to Kindergarten to 1st, etc.
  • There is no cost for Junior Kindergarten.
  • Junior Kindergarten students will have the same report card as Kindergarten students.
  • Kindergarten curriculum will be in place with the understanding that Junior Kindergarten students will receive the standards at their own developmental stage and pace.

For questions or more information, please contact the Elementary Principal, Carrie Azure at 605-539-9500.

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